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The Treehouse at Wild Oak Farm

The Tree House at Wild Oak Farms. Your dream vacation home in the wild heart of the Sierra

Guest Book

As the owners of the Tree House, one of our greatest pleasures when we visit is nestling ourselves into the couch in front of the fireplace and reading the guest book. The Tree House has hosted so many special gatherings of family and friends you can feel the good karma when you walk in. We hope you take the opportunity to visit, stay for a while and discover all the Tree House has to offer.

— Warmest Regards, Barb and Todd Bruno

Oakdale, CA

“How can three short days seem like a life-time? This is a place filled with love and touched with dreams. Family time ••• together time ••• relaxing time ••• The hot tub was fantastic!•••Your •••home••• is so filled with warmth•••.all the little touches of a place dear to ones heart. Thank you for deciding to share it and your lives with others. May the Tree House be filled with joy and hope ••• always until we come again.”

San Diego, CA

“It•••s a gross understatement to say that we enjoyed the Tree House and our stay here. The •••hidden••• places that you pointed out were spectacular and truly made our trip particularly memorable and unique.”

Oakland, CA

“You have a wonderful place, we had a great time. It was so easy to be here and have such quick access to Yosemite. The kids enjoyed being in the country and hearing the sounds we don•••t have in the city. They also loved the wide open spaces. This is a great home for a family getaway, we hope to come back someday.”

Honolulu, HI

“I was really glad to be able to stay here and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the Tree House. Coffee in the morning on the deck, watching the sun go down behind the hills, and a well-appointed house all made for a memorable experience in Yosemite.”

Oakland, CA

“We took a great vacation at Yosemite this spring!
Our Tree House stay at Midpines was really just the thing!
The hikes up to the roaring falls are loved by city folks.
The variegated greens of sequoias, pines and oaks;
The lupine, poppies, redbud by the roadside sharing space;
The snow atop El Capitan ••• and Half Dome•••s dazzling face.
Yosemite in April•••s an extraordinary place!!”